Year End Thoughts

Happy Holidays sweet friends! Can you believe we are about to be celebrating Christmas and ringing in the new year? It feels like yesterday that we were kicking off 2020 and launching Clough Team Realty in early March. Epic timing right; starting a brand-new company at the beginning of a pandemic? We were blown away not only by the market but the outpouring of love from clients and friends. So many of you reached out and checked in or asked as we reached out to you. Those heart felt conversations kept us enthusiastic and hopeful as we navigated our launch. 

I would not be telling you anything new when I say that 2020 threw some curve balls. But our small but mighty team here at Clough Team Realty took it all in stride. We pivoted in all aspects of how we do what we do, finding ways to offer safer (more sanitized) services, utilized an abundance of technology and yes just like you guys we zoomed out. We improved efficiency in what we do. We prioritized family and time with the ones we cherish and love. And as concerns around the virus became more normalized, the market took a strong rebound and because we spent our time honing our skills, watching the market and preparing, we hit the ground running to have our best year yet serving and taking care of our clients. What looked bleak at one time ended up being one of the greatest blessings. 

And we have you to thank. Our clients have been the greatest gift this year. You have supported us, trusted us and referred us to your friends, family and colleagues that have needed to make moves. It has been a true joy to help so many families make changes this year. Whether their remote working allowed them to make that move to Florida they have always dreamed of, the increase of people in the home required more space to do school, work and live, or a shift in job prioritized a downsize and efficient living space, it has been a pleasure to help each individual and family navigate these transitions. 

We spent two days in early December remembering all of the fun we had this year, the challenges that came with a big business and the hard work that paid off. We broke bread as a company and decided that in 2021 breaking bread with our clients, our friends and our family might just be one of the most important things we will have the opportunity to do. We dreamed and strategized around ways to be the best professional REALTORS® we can be, ways to offer better service and valuable information to our people and we put a plan in place to make 2021 another great year. 

And as we wrapped up 2020 and looked ahead to 2021, Rest came back into our mind. The pandemic was certainly a bit of forced rest upon many of us. A rest that showed us the value of time with family, the value of a quiet space in our homes, the value of a PRIVATE space in our homes (maybe two, one for us and one for kids). Our hope and our wish for our clients, our friends, our family and for our team is that the importance of rest not be lost. That we spend a little time this holiday season resting and finding gratitude for all of the things that have brought us joy amidst hardship this year. We wish you all a very special holiday season with family and with friends whether that is in person in small groups or over zoom with the biggest groups! Merry Christmas from our family to yours! 

       -Kyle Shults and Everyone at Clough Team Realty