Winter Home Safety


Your home is one of your biggest investments and we want to help you protect it…and save a little money on your energy bill!  These ten tips will help you make sure your home is ready when the cold weather hits.

  1. Don’t forget to disconnect any garden hoses, drain them, and store in your garage or storage area.  You might also want to consider insulating exterior water faucets to prevent freezing.  Lowe’s has styrofoam insulating covers that work perfectly for under $2 each.
  2. Be sure your foundation vents are closed to prevent freezing air from getting in your crawlspace. If the vents are left open it will keep your floors cold, causing the heat to run more, and it can possibly cause your water lines to freeze and break.
  3. Clear all gutters and downspouts of leaves and debris to prevent rainwater from backing up and freezing.
  4. Caulk and weather strip around windows and doors to prevent air leaks.
  5. Check furnace filters and make sure the thermostat is working properly.  It’s a good idea to have your HVAC unit(s) professionally serviced twice a year for optimal performance.
  6. If you have a fireplace, check your damper to make sure it’s closed and seals tightly and have your chimney cleaned regularly to get rid of any buildup.
  7. Clean HVAC ducts every other year and add insulation to any exposed ductwork.
  8. Consider investing in a window insulator kit as an inexpensive option to keep out drafts and keep warm air in.
  9. Insulate any exposed plumbing pipes.
  10. You might also consider a fresh coat of paint or sealer on your deck to make sure it’s protected from harsh weather and consider inspecting your roof and replacing any damaged or missing shingles to prevent water intrusion.