Where are you Winter Weather?


Although we had a record breaking and an abnormally warm Christmas, local meteorologists are now predicting we could receive snow later this week. When it comes to the cold weather there are a few inexpensive things you can do to prepare your home and family from the cold aside from running to the grocery store to clean the shelves of bread and milk. Realtor.com provides a list of simple tasks to make the process of winterizing your home easier. For example, it is very important to caulk windows and apply weather stripping to doors to keep the heat in and the cold out! By completing these easy projects you’re more likely to save up to hundreds of dollars on your heating bill. Another important part of getting your home ready for the weather is to winterize your pipes. To winterize your pipes it only takes a bit of insulation. It’s extremely important to insulate pipes that are exposed to the elements. Also don’t forget those pipes that aren’t inside but aren’t in heated parts of the home i.e. the crawlspace. Lastly, it’s never a bad idea to trim tree branches that are overgrown and could pose a threat to your home if the branches accumulate snow or ice. You can also speak with your local utility providers to inquire if they plan on trimming the overgrown branches to prevent damage to your home or service interruptions. For more information about winterizing your home check out the link below.

Prepping Your Home For Winter