Tips For Throwing An Awesome Super Bowl Party


Unless you’re lucky enough to be attending the game in Houston, most of us will be watching the game from home surrounded by friends and family. If you plan on hosting an epic Super Bowl Party then take a look at some of the tips below to make your party unforgettable.

Seasoned party planners know it’s not just the food that makes a great party. Decorating is a great way to show your creativity and to be festive. One idea to show your football spirit is to make AstroTurf coasters. Cut the AstroTurf into whatever desired shape and place around on tables. This is such a great way to decorate while also protecting your surfaces! You can also use the AstroTurf as a table runner and use white paint to draw the yard lines of the football field. Another fun football decoration is to use yellow cocktail napkins. Put the yellow napkins in a bucket and label them as “penalty flags”.

Also, try to incorporate the teams as much as possible. One great way is to serve dishes that are well known to each area. For example, you could serve southern soul dishes to represent Atlanta and anything with blueberries for New England. The blueberry is Maine’s official state berry so that leaves plenty of options when it comes to preparing a dish.

A great option to lighten the load on the host or hostess is to put together a potluck and have guests bring different dishes or finger foods. Keep the dishes hot by encouraging guests to prepare and transport their dish in a slow cooker. This will keep your food warm throughout the entire game.

Create a great entertaining space within your home even if it is not currently set up that way. Not everyone has the perfectly open kitchen, dining room and den for entertaining like the photo above but there are some tricks for making entertaining easy. Pick the room where you would like your guests to enjoy the game. Set up a buffet style table close to some outlets for those easy crock pots. This will allow guests to eat throughout the game and not create a mad dash to the kitchen during commercials. Also, be sure to have ample seating. Bean bags, extra chairs, and even bar stools for varied height create a great array of seating options to allow lots of guests in one room.

Looking to keep the children occupied during the game, play commercial bingo! Use Red and Blue colored candies as bingo chips! has a variety of free printable bingo boards that can easily be printed off and passed out for adults and children!

Do you have any great ideas for décor or snacks from past Super Bowl Parties? Comment below. We would love to hear about them.