Summer’s Sweet Shoppe

Summer Deepe of Summer’s Sweet Shoppe is a busy, busy woman – but always makes plenty of time to be with family. As an entrepreneur, wife to Matt, and mom of 3 adorable kids, Ryan (10), Colton (8) and Sydney (4.5), her days fill up quickly. Most weekdays consist of gym time then cookie making while the kids are at school, followed by dinner as a family. After the kids are tucked in bed, she continues work – decorating or dedicating time to reply to emails.

When did you begin Summer’s Sweet Shoppe? Tell us a little about your journey. 
I started my cookie journey 10 years ago! When I started, I wanted to make cute and decent cookies for my kids. I never thought this fun hobby would turn into a business!

When did you add teaching classes and offering your new academy/kits? 
I started teaching classes out of my house about 2 years ago and this year I launched my first online cookie decorating academy! My course allows students to watch step-by-step videos and learn how they, too, can make beautiful sugar cookies!

I’m excited to be launching my monthly membership later this fall! This is for those who have mastered the basics of cookie decorating and are ready for more. My membership is Level 2 that teaches students intermediate/advanced techniques!  I’m also hoping to add some online workshops before the end of the year!

Sounds like you’re keeping yourself very busy! What’s one thing outside of cookie makin’ that you enjoy doing?
I enjoy working out, and spending time with my family.

You have such a sweet family. What’s something fun you do together? I try to reserve the weekends for family time. We had a tradition we started over the summer, making Friday night pizza and movie night. We’ve been introducing the kids some old classics like Karate Kid, Back to the Future and The Mighty Ducks! We have all enjoyed it!

I love watching you decorate your cookies on you Instagram Stories… it’s so relaxing. What’s something that you do to relax? I love to watch Bravo TV… and who doesn’t enjoy a good massage?

What keeps you inspired? Do you have any people who inspire/d you? I am inspired all the time by some of the most talented people in this cookie community! Sweet Sugarbelle is my idol and someone who taught me so much in the beginning! I also love The Bearfoot Baker !

What is one valuable pro tip for cookie lovers and / or designers like yourself? The most valuable thing I can share with a fellow cookie lover is practice, practice, practice! I’m not a unicorn or anything special. I just found a passion with cookies and didn’t give up!

What is your favorite cookie and / or set that you’ve ever decorated? I have so many favorite sets it’s hard to chose just one! I loved making a Toy Story theme baby shower set. I love nautical and fiesta themes, too!  The Baby-Q is one of my favs. I love baby showers and first birthdays!

Lastly… How far in advance do you recommend people get in touch with you if they want to order some delicious cookies? I typically stay booked out about a month out. I usually recommend people book 4-5 weeks in advance.

For more information on Summer’s Cookies follow her instagram page @summerssweetshoppe shoppe/