New in Nashville: SALT CAVES

Have you heard of the latest health trend? That’s right- it’s salt caves. One of our agents, Debbie, went to the location in Nolensville with a friend and described it as an incredibly rejuvenating experience. Her friend got a foot treatment while she just relaxed and soaked up the benefits of breathing in the salt in the cave. Himalayan Salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements. Studies show that inhaling this can promote respiratory and vascular health. They offer the following services:

Salt Cave Sessions, Ionic Detox Foot Baths, Infrared Sauna, Infrared Amethyst Bio Mats, & Heated Salt Bricks for your feet. These treatments can help alleviate conditions such as acne, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, circulatory issues, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and a weakened immune system, to name a few.

Serenity Salt Cave has locations in Spring Hill, Murfreesbori, & Nolensville. Check out their website here.