Client Spotlight- Mint Tulip Nashville

Mint Tulip Nashville features some of our favorite arrangements of fresh flowers in Nashville. We caught up with the owner Christin Porter to hear a little bit about the business and her tips of the trade.

Tell me a little bit about Mint Tulip Nashville?  Mint Tulip is a floral business that I run out of my home. I offer anything from subscription floral services to event floral design here in the Middle Tennessee area.

You had a successful career as a Nurse at Vanderbilt before starting the business. Where and how did Mint Tulip come about? Tell me about that transition. I was working the night shift at Vanderbilt and it was draining. I was missing time with my kids as they were growing up so quickly and it was time for a change. I decided to quit and I took a few months of just being a mom. But I quickly realized that I could not sit still. I needed something to do and wanted to do something I enjoyed.  I was wanting a creative outlet while I was still at home with my kids.  I have always loved flowers and it felt like a great way to make some money on the side. My husband really encouraged me to start the business. Mint tulip was birthed from there. It has been such a blessing to be able to provide for our family and stay at home and be a mom.

Mint Tulip, tell me the story behind the name?  Have I told you this story?

No! Luke actually came up with it over dinner one night. My two loves outside my family are flowers and horses. He knew Tulips are my favorite flower and we were playing around with names. He thought about the mint julep as a connection to the horses and then came Mint Tulip. I loved it. It made the tie to my love for horses and my love for Casey my horse and I guess my love for a good cocktail too! (laughing)

That’s awesome. We are having mint juleps next time we get together.  Sounds perfect.

What are your favorite flowers to work with in an arrangement? Hmmm…Tulips, ranchula, peonies and garden roses. I love the garden roses. Today, I got the prettiest color tulip too. I have never seen a fuchsia tulip before but it is stunning. I am so excited to work with them this week.

What is one of the coolest projects you have done?  I have had some really cool opportunities. But a really fun one was doing floral design for a dinner setting on the set of the show Very Cavaliers.  Justin Anderson is a celebrity Hairstylist. He was hosting the dinner at his home for the show’s cast and I was asked to do the floral design for the dining room. It was really fun and I put together the entire table scape. I also bought him two killer Fiddle Leafs for his dining room. They were fabulous!

Speaking of Fiddle Leafs! Insider secret four our readers. Christin, you LOVE a good fiddle leaf. We are in the season of the fiddle leaf trend, which I love by the way. It’s like the trend of white cabinets or the pickled light hardwoods. I hope these trends never leave. Since we are all on board with it, Christin what are your tips for keeping a happy, healthy fiddle leaf?   Laughs, have the perfect lighting in your house. Outside of that, DO NOT OVER WATER. It is always better to underwater. When they start to droop and the soil is dry, then give it a good water. Once it gets to that stage, I typically use a Nalgene full of water to soak them. I want to see water come all the way through to the bottom. And be sure your fiddle leaf drains really well.

I loved your class on Grocery Store flower arrangements. What are some go to tips for the grocery store floral lovers? I would say Hydrangeas always. They are such an easy flower to work with and they fill a vase really well. And Trader Joes is a go to. They have the best seasonal flowers at a great price. Always go in the morning. They have the best selection at that time. And if your hydrangeas wilt quickly from Trader Joes, they will always replace them no questions asked. They are awesome. Also, a Hydrangea lover tip, if they wilt, cut them, stick them in fresh water and spray them with water and they will perk back up. My last tip would be don’t ever be afraid to cut greenery from your yard. There is nothing better than some free greenery to liven up an arrangement.

Love it. Headed to Trader Joe’s now. We are so excited you are partnering with The Clough Team for our Valentine’s Give Away. Can you share a sneak peek or some of your thoughts on that arrangement you are doing for us? It will be peaches and whites. It will have Juliet’s because the Juliet Garden Rose is my absolute favorite. It is pricey but it is worth every penny. Those will definitely be in the arrangement.