LOCAL LOVE: Q&A with Nashville Chicks Candle Co.

We sat down with Leslie, the founder of Nashville Chicks, to learn about how she started her candle company. It’s a mother/daughter run business, so there were lots of things to relate on as it pertains to running family businesses!

mom. daughter. love!

My daughter and I are true Nashvillians and… the Nashville Chicks!! True to any mother-daughter relationship, it is one filled with love and passion—98% great and 2% well… Be it baking, raising chickens, or making candles, we love doing things together. 

how we started.

Making candles has always been our favorite. As we continued to develop the purity of our candles, it hit us. Polluted candles have no place in our home. As a result, we created THE NASHVILLE CHICKS CANDLE CO. to provide pure and natural candles with unique scents that offer everyone the ability to ‘breathe easy’.

from nashville with love.

Home is where the heart is, and Nashville is our home. We love Nashville, and all that it stands for – southern charm, hospitality, friendliness, community. Every one of our candles is carefully hand poured in Nashville with love.

Here’s our Q&A with Leslie:

Q: Tell us how you got started making candles?

A: We frequented a local candle bar where you can make your own candles, so afterwards we decided we would try making our own at home. 

Q: Tell us about the purity of your candles. I feel like everyone is learning so much about the value of brining natural and safe products into their home and your company seems to fit that bill, right?

A: Once we decided to create our own candle line, we chose from over 200 scents and noticed we would have a headache after smelling the different scents. This got us wondering if there was a cleaner way to burn candles. That led us to look into the natural options, and we noticed that not only were the different scents better, but they didn’t leave you with a headache. This gave us peace of mind knowing that we weren’t burning chemicals in our home. 

Q: As you know Clough Team Realty is a family owned and operated Real Estate brokerage so we love that you guys are a family. What has been your favorite part of the family business and the greatest challenge?

A: Best Part – getting to pick out all the scents // Biggest Challenge: weighing out the wax, and having to use the kitchen as our factory. With the volume growing, we are now getting ready to move to a warehouse where we can create the candles and still have room for homework in the kitchen!  

Q: Do you think there is more to the Nashville Chicks Co? Will we see more great products from you guys? Or What is next for Nashville Chicks Co? 

A: 3 things: We have been asked for diffusers.- but want to be sure to find the right vessel to get these to our clients.  Second, a create your own candle, where you pick the label, color, and the scent. People are really wanting to be able to customize. And lastly, room fragrances.

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