LOCAL LOVE: Pastelia Sweets

We love social media because it’s a great way to discover new businesses… which is how we found Pastelia Sweets! Someone posted a picture of her cakesicles and we were instantly obsessed. She was kind enough to partner with us for our Valentine’s Giveaway, and we are in love with her designs. They would be a huge hit at parties or bridal/baby showers.

Here’s a little bit more about Shelby & how she got started.

1) How did you get started baking?

I started making desserts during this time last year, but I have always had an interest in making sweet treats! In January 2021, my best friend and I were thinking of starting a dessert business as a side project while we looked for jobs straight out of college and a way to get through quarantine. Since she has moved and found a job in South Korea, I decided to continue making desserts and took over the business fully! I would not call myself a baker, but your local neighborhood treat maker!

2) Where did the name come from?

Pastelia Sweets’ name is derived from the word pastel: meaning soft and delicate shades of color. It’s simply a twist on the word pastel, but it can also translate to my sweets being made delicately with love and care. Also, I just happen to have a love for pastel color tones!

3) What all do you offer?

We have tons of things to offer! My most popular menu items are cakesicles (a modern version of a traditional cake pop served on a popsicle stick instead of a lollipop stick), breakable chocolate hearts with seasonal candy underneath, and of course chocolate-covered strawberries. What most people do not know is that I also make dipped Oreos, dipped pretzels, hot chocolate bombs, and cake bites too! We are looking to venture in expanding the menu, but for now these are our staples!

4) Do you have a favorite thing to make?

Cakesicles are by far the most favored items, but my favorite thing to make would be breakable chocolate hearts! When people reach out to me about these, they are often gifting these hearts to loved ones, significant others, friends, co-workers, and even for gender reveals. It’s so meaningful to be able to create sweets that help people express their love or gratitude for people in their lives, or celebrate a special event. I am able to get really creative with these items since I offer many color variations and also have different shapes and sizes. 

5) For potential clients & custom orders, how far in advance should they reach out?

I appreciate clients who book far in advance! A month before the desired pick up or delivery date is best, since that gives me plenty of time to plan and order supplies pertaining to the theme but there is wiggle room for orders placed two weeks before. Since I have a full-time job in addition to making sweets, my calendar is extremely limited. All of my policies, menu items, and availability can be found on my inquiry form that is linked on my Instagram account. I look forward to seeing new faces in my messages and emails! I hope to make everyone’s days a little sweeter!

Visit her instagram HERE. Or send her an email: pasteliasweets@gmail.com