Elliott Sutter – Jet Linx – Private Aviation


Maybe it’s just me, but every time I fly I spend much of the flight fantasizing about more legroom. So it won’t surprise you to learn, I was pretty excited to hear the latest and greatest with private aviation from my friend and client, Elliott. Besides wanting to hear about the leg room on their private jets, we sat down to catch up on the exciting things happening at their company, Jet Linx. You can read below all that Elliott had to share about their new hanger at BNA as well as some insider info about the industry. – Wil

What is Jet Linx and how did you end up in the private aviation business?  Jet Linx is a personalized approach to private jet travel through local, city specific, operations. We don’t intend to take care of everyone everywhere, but if you routinely fly out of a city where we have a Base, we offer unparalleled value and personal service. Our membership has become quite the roster of ultra-achievers, celebrities, business leaders and jet setters with schedules that demand flexibility and guaranteed service. I always wanted to do something entrepreneurial. In 2015, my dad Trey Sutter asked if I wanted to help start a Base of operations for managing private jets. It was family, entrepreneurial, and a cool industry to boot. I am all in.

Did you always dream or think you would be in the aviation business with your father? I’m sure we could swap plenty of stories about working with family. Haha. Yeah, for all its ups and downs, working with family is rewarding like few other things. As I’m sure you know, you have to be open to some criticism, and to remind yourself to take it constructively. I find humility, forthrightness, and integrity are the takeaways when I am wise enough to gain clarity from my experiences.


What are some common misconceptions about the industry?
The glamour is certainly hyped by social media and Instagram. We operate sophisticated machines that, like any machine, has a certain ROI and efficiency. It is expensive to operate and maintain these machines. We do things by the book to ensure safe and efficient operations, and are inflexible about that. We are committed to being the absolute best, and I work with some of the brightest people I’ve ever met. It’s hard to beat a bright talented team that has committed itself to being the best. Imagine Rocky, Rudy, IronMan and Arya Stark pushing for the same thing.

You and the Nashville Team recently launched your new terminal at BNA. Tell us about your new space and your plans for growth in the Nashville Market.
Our new private facility for our members is outstanding. It offers a coffee bar, a bar, a huge putting green on the ramp, and one of the coolest conference rooms I’ve ever seen. You will be on a call, and a bit distracted as you watch a 787 Dreamliner from London land just out the window. We’ve also trained our entire team to be Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star service rated, just  like the finest hotels or restaurants in the world. That’s an industry first, and a major commitment to the level of service we expect to provide.


What is your favorite or funniest work story?
We had a client that was late for his flight (not a problem since the aircraft wasn’t going anywhere without him). He called and was worried he would miss his meeting. He was on the interstate and ran out of gas. Our client services team brought him a tank on the interstate, and got him on his way in time to touch down for his meeting. He is a pretty big fan of our team.

For more information about Jetlinx visit: https://www.jetlinx.com/nashville/