Client Spotlight- Wild Cat Interior

With a name like Charli Brown, it’s not surprise that she’s one of our favorite clients to catch up with. She’s a joy to be around and consistently brings a smile to our faces. We chatted with Charli recently about her interior design business and how it has grown from dream, to reality.

How did you get started in interior design? 

I’ve always loved interior decorating.  I remember even in my early teens I couldn’t get my hands on enough Home magazines. But I never thought I would have the means to turn it into anything more than a hobby because I didn’t have that “business” knowledge and had no desire to major in business back in my college days.

Fast forward to 2017: My husband started encouraging me to really consider it as we were renovating our rental home.  Then, as fate would have it, one of my husband’s best friends – also a savvy entrepreneur – said he liked the idea of us starting an interior decorating company and would oversee the business end of it so we could focus on decorating. Just like that, Wildcat Interior was born.

What was the most exciting thing about starting your own interior design business? 

As cheesy as it sounds, getting to do what I love with people that I love. It’s a huge plus that I’m able to pursue my passion with one of my best friends and one of my husband’s best friends.

Tell me about your style and strengths.

My style is very different from my partner’s. I prefer more of a contemporary, earthy style while Natalie has more of an eclectic, botanical style. We both, however, love bringing the outside in. Incorporating natural elements is the foundation of our style.

Since we are so different, our biggest strength is that our individual styles complement each other.  This allows us to create beautiful, unique spaces without getting stuck in a rut.

What is your biggest dream or goal for your business?

Our biggest dream for Wildcat Interior is to be able to focus on it full time. Right now, it is something we’re enjoying as a side business. We’re working to expand our reach and get into the staging and short-term rental markets.

Any funny stories from being on the job? 

Indeed. Something to keep in mind when your focus is bringing the outside in is that you are bringing the outside in. One day, Natalie and I were staging greenery for a photo shoot and we brought in these beautiful, freshly cut branches from the yard. As we were trimming back a few of the branches, a large spider suddenly crawled out from the pile of greenery and scared us to death.

I spent the rest of the day shouting, “Spider!” anytime she was messing with greenery, or sneaking up behind her and lightly running my fingers up her arm. I’m proud to say she would jump out of her skin every time. ?

What inspires you or keeps you inspired? 

Pictures and people. Natalie’s inspiration is her mom, who also has an eclectic style, and owns a nursery where Natalie gets a lot of her fun plants.

I am a huge fan of both Joanna Gaines (of course) and Emily Henderson, but honestly Pinterest is just as big of an inspiration for me. I can’t imagine what interior decorating would be for us without the internet. Magazines and books are fantastic, but they can’t compare to the sheer volume of creative visuals we find online.

What is one pro tip you can give? 

Bring the outside in. Plants do so much for a room. It’s amazing to watch a space come alive with just a couple of large houseplants and a few touches of greenery or fresh flowers here and there. The spring used to be my least favorite season (I know, I know), but now I count down the days until I can walk into my backyard and cut down a branch to bring in. Instant life!

What is your favorite paint color right now?

Here’s one Natalie and I actually agree on – white on white. Ha! The brighter the white, the better.

To contact Charli or see more of Wild Cat’s work, you can find her at or on Instagram @wildcatinterior.