Local Love- Magnolia Acres

We had the absolute joy and pleasure of staying at Magnolia Acres earlier this month with our real estate company. Our dear friend, Eve, opened up her AirBnB for us to host our annual business planning retreat. It was a dream to spend two days dreaming and planning in such a beautiful space. Our team was in awe of the insta-worthy design and charm throughout the home… not to mention her Christmas décor that knocked it out of the park. To say the least, we loved it. We could not wait to sit down with Eve so that we could share her incredible story and the dream that came to fruition at Magnolia Acres. Check out our Q&A below to learn more about this Historic Farm House.  

Q: Eve, tell us a little about your story and how you ended up in Columbia starting Magnolia Acres, owning one of the most beautiful historic estates we have seen.  

A: Oh, thank you so much for asking! Well, I was living in New York,  going on 6 years in Manhattan and loving the city, revelling in the creative and business energy it offers, perfect for an interior designer like me and the best group of friends a girl could ever hope to have… until one day I was just done. I knew I needed dirt. To dirty my hands in my own soil and have proper spaces to live in –  proper guest rooms to share with family and friends. I knew I needed to move from there but where to? No idea. Coincidentally, news of this hot little town in the South, Nashville, kept popping up in my feeds.. food, design, real estate articles, really everywhere –  this “Nashville” seemed to be the new “it” place to be. So! I made a flight reservation, flew down, spent 30 minutes looking around and said “this is it”. Looked at a big house in East Nashville to rent, signed the lease, went back to NYC and told everyone i was leaving in 3months!  Once here,i put myself on a real estate search for a piece of country life; it had to have a long tree lined driveway. Had to be at least 6 acres. Had to be an old house that needed some Eve TLC… and stay close to Nashville too. Fifteen  months later this property in Columbia came up on my feed and I raced to see it. Love at first site is a thing in real estate too, and this was that for me. Closed on  it 2 months later and the rest is history, for better or worse.  hahaha

Q: Tell us about all that Magnolia Acres offers.

 A: The property features a 14-room fully renovated formal estate house, furnished with each piece hand procured, intentional. Bedrooms with good linens, robes, luxe amenities. We have a proper Chefs kitchen, and many cozy hang out spaces to gather and talk. We also have  a screened indoor-outdoor yoga-party barn, a historic log guest cabin, a wooded amphitheater style stage for music performances and ceremonies, a large retreat style saltwater pool, a short range practice golfing green. A huge fire pit with classic wood rocking chairs, walking trails through the woods for old-school memories of  wading in the 2 creeks. It’s truly a place to escape the city, to enjoy gathering all together your friends and family, business partners, creative minds…a peaceful place to rejuvenate your souls and have some fresh fun, too. 

Q: You did a complete renovation, to the studs. What were some of the hurdles you overcame and challenges you experienced during the process both design related and construction related? 

A: Oh, ugh. What hurdle DIDN’T I experience? Well, it was supposed to be a 6 month light renovation and it turned into that 2.5 year terror. I am shocked to still be standing, frankly, but “what doesn’t kill you…” right?  Being new to the area with no team in place of my own, went through a bit of hiring mishaps until I thankfully found the right group of local contractors to help get the house done. Along the way the need to change the format and end goal from a “nice house to live in’ to “a nice house for EVERYONE to live in” happened. I realized it had what it takes, both in the house, the outbuildings and the natural park like settings to share. I then realized I was heading into a true professional change of life situation, that this would be an Event Venue, a gathering place not only for my friends and family but for everyone else’s as well and I would build and manage it.  My design focus then turned to what would appeal to guests as well as to me. What would feel good to guests as well as to me and it also meant I was now buying a whole lot of beds to fill those rooms up with. I was actually in my heyday – it felt good and right  to build something just to share with others. 

Q: You did a remarkable job of modernizing this 1800’s Farm House while also keeping so much of the historic charm. What are some of your favorite historic features about this home? 

A: Thank you so much! Easily the 13’ ceilings. The sweeping original staircase with it’s gorgeous handrails. The soft-like-velvet-to-walk-on, original poplar floors that I love so much.  And the fireplaces, the multiple fireplaces in so many rooms – though many aren’t working now, they still tell so much about it’s 1850’s past. 

Q: Magnolia Acres is located just outside of historic downtown Columbia. We are falling more and more in love with Columbia. The historic square has so much charm and there are some fabulous local businesses down there. What are some of your favorite local spots down there? 

A: Oh yes, this lovely town here. I am in love with it too…I lucked out to land here! I adore W7& Co, the historic photo gallery of iconic, poignant people and places photos. The classic bookstore, Duck River Books, Variety Records, Buck & Board – our farm to table style cafe. Muletown Coffee and Buckhead Coffee shops. Our brewpubs too! Smith & York has the best modern housewares and Bleu 32 for local antiques.  Loblolly is amazing for fine European Antiques. We just got a new specialty olive oil shop & fancy food market! I’m psyched. Sweet Bakes Donuts & Cakes, The Pie shop, Kokos Ice cream… I mean… there’s so much here to love I could go on and on as I hate to exclude any of these amazing little shops. And it’s the people; these  shop-owners… creating special  spaces and giving their all to this sweet community.

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