Client Spotlight- Fitz Bros Bakery

Tell us a little bit about Fitz Bros Bakery and what you do? I run a home bakery, here in south Nashville, under Tennessee’s cottage law ordinances. I make birthday cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and pastries, although I must say cookies are my specialty. How do you not love a great cookie?!


How did you start the Bakery? Where and when did the idea come from? I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and I bake almost every day. Those came together last spring when I received an email about Farmin’ in the Hall looking for vendors. I decided almost at once to sign up, because I was itching to start a new adventure. I also thought I’d give my neighbors a break from my kids constantly dropping off baked goods to them and find a bigger audience to share with.

Are you a self-taught baker?  Yes. Even though I worked in a bakery in high school, I didn’t start baking until after I was married and had moved from Mississippi to Nashville. I couldn’t get my hands on my mom’s turtle cake anymore, so I had to learn to make it. I fell in love with the precision and methodical nature of baking, plus I’m picky about dessert. If I’m going to eat cake, I don’t want it to be pretty good. I want it to be phenomenal. I found myself too often disappointed by sub-par desserts I’d buy. So I started making my own and haven’t look back!

You have showed us some beautiful baked goods on your Instagram Business page? What is the most fun and tasty item you have baked? Just today I made a s’mores birthday cake. I made it like the cakes at Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar, which you’ve seen even if you don’t know it. They’re amazing. It takes more effort and specialty ingredients to make that style cake–you’re working with cake rings, acetate, and glucose syrup–but it definitely brings the wow factor! Plus, it’s absolutely delicious.

What is the wildest request you have received as a baker besides Sprinkle Cinnamon Rolls for Wil’s Birthday? I received a request for a giant eagle cake for an Eagle Scout dinner. I politely declined. I know my limits!

What is your family’s favorite dessert? We have too many to name, honestly. During the spring we love strawberry shortcake, but I think the most precious dessert for me is still my mom’s turtle cake. It was my absolute favorite when I was growing up. I have the original recipe card she wrote the recipe on and I’m waiting to hang it in my dining room. I wish she were still here to make it for me.


What is the best way for customers to place an order and get in touch with you? Instagram has become the way the vast majority of customers make order requests @fitzbrosbakery. I’m usually able to respond to a direct message within minutes. Customers can also email me at