Client Spotlight- Burn Boot Camp- Franklin

I’ve been a gym member at the YMCA, LifeTime, and beyond — and while they are all wonderful, there is something special about being a member at Burn Bootcamp. (You know it must be special if I wake up every morning for the 6:15 AM camp!)

To be truthful, I was hesitant to join Burn because it sounded very intense and not my usual cup of tea. That said, once I started the trial, I was hooked. It’s more than a gym… it’s a community of supportive, encouraging and awesome women (and a few men), and I feel so accomplished after each class, mentally and physically.

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to the motivating and wonderful Head Trainer, Libby Elder, and fill you in on what makes Burn so great.



What did you do prior to working as Head Trainer at Burn?

I was a personal trainer for a couple months prior to Burn, but I loved Burn for my own workouts and practically begged for a job! Prior to being a Personal Trainer, I worked as a Physical Therapy Tech.

What is your favorite workout / exercise? And on the flip side, is there anything you don’t enjoy?

I love everything strength… Give me all the heavy dumbbells and kettlebells any day… just please don’t ask me to jump!

What makes Burn Bootcamp different from other gyms?

You may be in a class setting with up to 40 people, but we’re focused on YOU!

I make it a point to know your injuries and goals, and work for YOU. Another great part of Burn is that every single day is different: Strength, conditioning, speed and agility… No two workouts are the same.

Does Burn include any nutritional assistance or anything, in addition to the camps?

Burn is the whole package! We offer focus meetings, which are one-on-one meetings in between camp times. We can discuss nutrition, goals and game plans, exercises that give you trouble, and can also take your measurements to track progress!

Burn Boot Camp also has their own line of protein powder (Afterburn) and pre-workout (Ignite) so that we can recommend a product that we know is clean.

Also, since we focus on women and mamas are a large part of our gym, we offer childcare! It’s free and there’s even a window so that you can keep an eye on your kiddo (or they can keep an eye on you) the entire workout.



How has COVID-19 affected the gym, and what are you doing to keep members engaged, safe, and motivated?

Currently with COVID, we now require signing up prior to camp on our app to ensure everyone has space to stay healthy on our floor, and have limited childcare.

Besides that, we are still offering exciting and tough workouts! We are also currently offering Zoom and Facebook Live workouts so that our members at home still feel a part of the camp.

Do you have any advice for people who might want to join Burn, but are on the fence?

Come see us! The hardest part is getting to the door. You’ve probably heard it before, but you only regret the workout you don’t do.

And who doesn’t need a little inspiration right now?… Do you have a favorite motivational quote?

The only thing you can control is your MINDSET and your EFFORT.

Burn Bootcamp in Franklin is located at: 1113 Murfreesboro Rd, behind / on the back side of the Franklin Chop House / UPS store.

From the Company: Burn Boot Camp is the best community bootcamp workout near you featuring a mix of cardio, HIIT, and strength training for a full body workout. Burn Boot Camp group fitness memberships include unlimited 45-minute fat-burning workouts that guarantee fitness results for all experience levels, from beginners to more advanced. As a gym designed for women, we offer free Childwatch at every location, personal meetings with trainers, and a floating floor designed for safe, low impact exercise.