LOCAL LOVE: Built by Stevie

We are so inspired by Stevie’s story of how she started her business and is making a mark for herself in a male dominated industry. She creates BEAUTIFUL pieces and we were lucky enough to get to commission her to create two vanities for our upstairs bathroom remodels. Check out our Q&A with Stevie, and if you’re needing some custom built-ins or furniture, you will love the finished product.

  1. How did you get started with building?

I bought my first house and wanted to fix it up, but I had never used a saw before. I was gifted a miter saw and learned how to lay hardwood floors. Then I started to google “how to build” headboards, desks, tables, etc. I slowly taught myself how to build on the weekends and in the evenings for the next 18 months. I lost what I thought was my dream job 7 years ago and while looking for a new job I kept myself building for friends and family. What was a side hustle turned full time as I had actually created my dream job! 

2) What exactly do you offer?

High end custom furniture and built ins. We build solid hardwood furniture that fits our clients needs that you just can’t find at a store.

3) What sets your business apart?

For sure being female in the a male dominated industry for sure, but also I have a very clean design eye and love creating spaces with my clients! I am a CarpentHER! I have helped create a place for women to learn the trades and also encourage women around the world to start building through social media. We are actually starting Women’s Workshop Weekends, as well as Father/Daughter and Mother/Daughter Weekends this spring to continue to encourage women to build.

4) Is there anything you’d want potential clients to know?

Custom furniture takes time and planning, so just be ready to wait for a few months together your pieces, but I promise you that you will be so happy with your new space!

Check out her website HERE!