CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Amanda McGee, Wilco Physical Therapy

Our client Amanda has such a cool story of turning an unfortunate event into her passion. She is incredibly kind and good at what she does… so if you’re needing any PT, she’s your gal. Here’s our Q&A with Amanda. Enjoy!

1.) How I got involved in the PT field:

I was originally a dancer and was in the midst of receiving my Bachelors in Fine Arts degree in Dance Performance from Florida State University. My original dream of becoming a professional dancer in a touring dance company inevitably changed directions after suffering from a complex ankle fracture, surgery, and over 1 year of physical therapy and learning to walk again. It was such a pivotal year and really had a significant impact on my life. My physical therapist made all the difference in the world to me that I knew that I wanted to do that for others.

2.) Favorite thing about my job:

My favorite thing about my job is definitely helping to improve the quality of life in others’ lives and decrease patients’ pain. I love forming relationships with each patient because I believe that treating the “whole person” rather than only the “injury” is the best way to correct all of the impairments.  Hearing someone is feeling better is ultimately the reason I do what I do. 

3.) For anyone unfamiliar, what kind of conditions does physical therapy treat? 

Well, there are so many different settings and specialties involving physical therapy, and what I do is very specific to outpatient physical therapy, as well as utilizing Pilates as a rehabilitation tool (as I am certified), and dance-medicine. We can essentially treat any musculoskeletal issue from head to toe, such as headaches, TMJ, back pain of all kinds, post-operative rehab, chronic pain, muscle strains, ligament sprains, balance impairments, vertigo or dizziness, arthritis, joint stiffness, plantar fasciitis, and the list goes on. We see a wide variety of injuries or types of pain, all ages, and I so enjoy the challenge of each new individual and also getting to really know them.

4.) Anything potential clients should know?

I own my own small physical therapy business called Wilco Physical Therapy, based in the Franklin area, but I can also do “in-home” concierge visits. I also work at a private practice off of West End in Nashville called P3: Precision, Physical Therapy & Pilates. Both companies see patients one-on-one and provide hands-on care that is individualized and specific. If you are interested in either location, you can email with information or questions at: 615-478-1280.

Visit her website HERE.